Jamiah Aminul Quran

About Jamaeh Aminul Quran

Jamaeh Aminul Quran is a non-Government Islamic Academic institution. This organization differs from the others in terms of syllabus, discipline, and curriculum. The scholars and Ulma e Indo Pak had spread the strong network of Islamic institutions and Madaris to secure the spirit of Islam and further they produced such Ulam e Kiram who train the Umaat in all sections of Life.

Our Vision

Jamiah aims to establish a harmonious and positive Islamic learning environment based on the true Islamic concept of Unity of Ummah that strives to implement Islam in all aspects of an individual’s life

Our Mission

Jamiah’s mission is to provide Islamic academic education with modern education to the students while instilling in them Islamic values, morals and prepare them to become positive role models exhibiting all the characteristics of a good Muslim.

Our Services


Expert Faculties


Audio Visual Smart Classes


Very clean hostel Facillty with
healthy food & laundry services


Hadith & Sunnah


Worth Library


Fitness & Sports