Jamiah Aminul Quran

About Jamaeh Aminul Quran

About Jamaeh Aminul Quran

Jamaeh Aminul Quran is a non-Government Islamic Academic institution. This organization differs from the others in terms of syllabus, discipline, and curriculum.

The scholars and Ulma e Indo Pak had spread the strong network of Islamic institutions and Madaris to secure the spirit of Islam and further they produced such Ulam e Kiram who train the Umaat in all sections of Life.

Aims and objectives of the Jamia To set a system of education in order to gain success in both worlds with development the critical thinking, scientific temperament, research tendacy among the students and revive the glorious legacy of our ancestor and to reconstruct of our golden era.

To lay the foundation of Such Islamic institute that put sincere efforts for the welfare of humanity.

To transmit the tolerance in coming generation for the different sect and ideology if Muslim community.

To prepare scholars who make great efforts to solve the social issues and problems through their wisdoms.

To publish literature against false and heretic ideologies for the rectification and guidance of The Muslim Ummah.

To acquaint the new generation with Islam, Islamic values, etiquettes and Islamic culture.